2022 Kitchen + Bath Trends

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A kitchen or bath can be a scary place to go full-on trendy, as neither is quick, easy, or cost-effective to change down the road. But with a few tweaks (more color! more tile!) you can effectively bring your space up to date.

 red butler's pantry by McGrath II

Design by McGrath II | Photo by Read McKendree

Jewel-Toned Kitchens

For decades, red was ubiquitous with the formal dining room, meant to stimulate both appetites and conversations, so it's no surprise that the shade is making its way into the modern hub of entertaining, the kitchen. Today's red is less like Christmas and more like a burgundy, no doubt influenced by last year's return of dusty shades of purple. 

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kitchen with marble tile backsplash

Design and photo by: Park & Oak

Tile Everywhere

After several years of seeing stone slabs as the favored backsplash material, tile is making its way back into kitchens -- but not merely between two runs of cabinetry. We're seeing more and more floor-to-ceiling applications of tile and unsurprisingly, we're here for it! 

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bathroom with green, white, and black tile

Design by: Heidi Caillier Design | Photo by Haris Kenjar

Mixed Tiles in One Space

If one lovely tile is nice, then two, three, or even four different styles is GREAT! Try this trend by choosing two different colors of the shape, different shapes of the same color or material, or get a little wild and mix shapes, colors, and materials. If this feels intimidating, take a cue from Seattle designer Heidi Caillier and use the tile as a design element. Here, the white tile is where one might expect white paint while the green tile takes the place of a wainscot. Repetition of shapes on the wall keeps the look refined, while swapping both the shape and material on the floor tile gives the room movement.

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 dark tile

Design by JH Interior Design | Photo by Aaron Leitz

Dark Tile Shades

White, bright spaces have dominated for the past decade, but now we're tiptoeing into more use of color and pattern. One simple way to make that shift is to choose  darker tile colors in shapes and materials that you already know and love, like subway, handmade, or stone. For an extra dose of drama and coziness, choose a paint color that is a similar color, a perfect combination in small bath.

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 bath with mosaic tile floor

Design by W Design Collective | Photo by Lucy Call

Return of the Mosaic

We've seen pattern in tile through painted ceramic and encaustic styles, but expect to see more and more mosaic tiles on the scene going forward. Both styles have historic roots going back to ancient civilizations, but they evoke very different feelings in terms of style. Cement tiles feeling more casual California and mosaics recalling East Coast traditional homes. Whatever the style of your house and life, pattern through mosaic tile offers movement, interest, and color to your space.

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