5 Ways with Hexagon Tile

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Rooted in history and making a comeback, hexagon-shaped tile is one of those chameleon elements that can feel both nostalgic and modern depending on it's size, material, and application. Smaller sizes and materials like marble or ceramic are remnicient of bathrooms in early 20th century homes, while larger sizes -- especially in terra cotta -- have their roots further back in history. Today, designers are using hexagon tile in kitchens, baths, and other high-use areas, giving it both a historic and more contemporary feel. Here are a few of our favorite spaces.


kitchen with terra cotta hexagon tile

Design by Heidi Caillier Design | Photo by Haris Kenjar

European Aesthetic

Tomette tiles, traditional flooring found in the Provence region of France, are hexagonal shapes made of terra cotta in shades of red, pink, and beige. The handmade pieces were crafted out of readily-available materials and found in structures ranging from estate homes to barns. Today, reclaimed versions can be found in French brocantes, but if you can't get get across the pond for building materials, try our version to bring that warm European aesthetic to your space.

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bathroom with blue hexagon tile

Design by Yond Interiors | Photo by SEN Creative

Contrast Grout

The combination of dark tile and light grout highlights the fun, organic shape of the hexagon tile. The playful shape is perfect for a kids' bath, and paired with a handmade wall tile, a custom vanity, and modern lighting, the pairing is sophisticated enough for adults, too. 

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laundry room with hexagon tile

Design by Blackband Design | Photo by Manolo Langis

Tonal Approach

For a more tonal approach with a dark shade, choose a grout color that is closer to the tile shade. Similar in material to the bathroom above, this laundry room has a different feel, thanks to slight tweaks in grout and tile color and the warmth of brass hardware and lighting. 

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mudroom with hexagon tile

Design by Design Shop Interiors | Photo by Stephanie Russo

Varied Shades

It's hard to beat the natural variations in stone if you want an organic feel in your space. Shades of grays and white mingle together to form a subtle pattern underfoot that plays nicely with many paint shades and textiles. A floor-to-ceiling application of olive green paint in this utility room is the perfect counterpoint to the cool shade of the tile, and the vintage runner the ideal finishing touch.

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marble hexagon tile

Design by and photo courtesy of Park & Oak

Small + Sophisticated

Small marble mosaic is the most recognizable version of hexagon tile and is lends a subtle, East Coast to any space. We prefer to use small tiles in smaller spaces, making this one ideal for baths with a smaller footprint. We love the way this Chicago-area designer paired it with a vanity made from a piece of furniture, which enhances the tile's traditional feel.

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