How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

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bathroom by Anne McDonald Interiors

Design by Anne McDonald Interiors | Photo by Haris Kenjar

In a world of busy contractors and seemingly-endless supply chain issues, having your renovation plan in order (and your products on order!) as soon as possible can significantly improve your timeline. Even still, it can be a confusing process. We're here to demystify the renovation process to help your project move along quickly, smoothly, and beautifully as possible.

Determine the Scope

You've likely already completed the first step. Will it be a cosmetic update with paint and fixture updates? Will you be removing elements like the vanity or commode and replacing them with new? Will you alter the footprint of the room requiring plumbing changes or adding or removing walls? Assess your needs and wants, and determine what worked and didn’t work about your current space. If big changes are in order, now is the time to bring professionals on board to help you plan.

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green bathroom by Meghan Eisenberg

Design by Meghan Eisenberg | Photo by Haris Kenjar

Set the Budget

After you have determined the scope of your project, the next step is to set the budget. There is no right answer here, and of course it will be largely determined by what you plan to accomplish and whether you will need to hire out the work or will be taking a DIY approach. For a medium-sized bath in many markets, $10-15,000 will cover the bill, but a major renovation could be double that. 

Gather Inspiration

While it’s tempting to begin this earlier in the project — and of course a little Pinterest time won’t hurt — it’s best to leave the bulk of the idea-gathering for after the budget has been set. Otherwise, you may just be setting yourself up for disappoint when the space you love is out of budget. Start broad by saving anything that appeals to you, and then go through your inspiration to notice common themes, making note of specific ideas you'd like to apply to your space. The more you edit and refine your inspiration, the easier it will be to execute it.

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bathroom by ReHabitat Interiors

Design by and photo curtesy of ReHabitat Interiors

Create a Floor Plan

After the scope and budget are set, the planning really gets underway! If you plan to keep your plumbing fixtures in the same places, your floor plan may only need a little tweaking. If you’d like to drastically alter the layout, you'll likely have help from a plumber at the very least. A tape measure should be your new best friend at this stage. Be sure to take down every measurement whether its on paper or in an electronic program of some sort. Once an accurate plan is created you or a member of your team can pull the appropriate permits for the work.

Choose Materials

If you enjoy shopping, then now it’s time for the fun part! Once your plans are set and you have an idea of the design direction you’d like to take, it’s time to begin ordering your product. In general, you will need a vanity and/or sink, counter top, sink fixtures, flooring, toilet, a tub or shower, tile surround, lighting, and paint and smaller hardware like towel holders and cabinet hardware. You may choose to include other cabinetry or decorative details like trim or wallpaper. 

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bathroom with gray tile

Design by Anderson Wier Studio | Photo by Margaret Austin

Begin Your Project!

As your product starts arriving, it's time to begin! The timeline now is largely determined by the scope of your work, but in general it begins with demolition, followed by any framing, plumbing, or electrical work necessary. Next, installation of large items like the tub or shower and flooring or other tile work. Then, installation of the the toilet and cabinetry with the countertop and final setting of the plumbing fixtures usually happening last.

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